mvbase & Piclan-ip - current opinion

mvbase & Piclan-ip - current opinion

Post by Count Darling I » Mon, 27 Oct 1997 03:00:00

ABS Corp / Store Systems Division sells retail POS and textbook
management systems to the college bookstore market.  We've been a Mentor
shop since the mid-80's. We moved to PRO 4 over two years ago, but were
not happy with its reliablility on large, heavliy loaded sites. We chose
to move to mvbase last spring. We cutover internally in June, and have
our first end-user site coming up at the first week of Nov.

Build 55(rel 1.1) overall was a good relase. GA promises that the few
issues we've uncovered this summer are fixed in build 67 (release 1.2).
For a deveoper looking to migrate fairly generic R83/Mentor applications
to a WinNT, nothing is easier - bar none! If you have a really clean
NT-compatible hardware system and current releases of NT, the conversion
should go smoothly.  If you have many sites to support as we do, then
this may be the least painful way to keep your existing users in the
fold while going forward.

Piclan-IP has been a joy to work with. We've developed applications that
are now running at two of our user sites with four more licensed but not
online (see our demo site at By working directly
with all those great multi-valued tools you're used to (Pick file
system, BASIC, TCL, ACCESS..), developing web apps could not be easier -
if I can do it, anyone can! No GUI to learn, no new langauges to master,
no complex series of APIs to make work together. Just plain old HTML and
the multi-valued system you know and love.

If NT seems to be in your future or getting a Pick-based web site up and
running is on your list, I strongly recommend that you check these
products out!

Count Darling IV


1. Help! MVBASE current version


I hope someone at GA sees this!

I have a copy of mvBase.  First I tried to install it but found out that the Temporary Authorization
code expires after 15 days from the time of purchase.  So, make sure you purchase and install mvBase
within 15 days.  This was not a big deal, because, I just the the clock back and went to work.

I faxed GA the authoirization form and had the code the following day.  But then I saw that the
current version of mvBase is 1.2.04 not the 1.2.03 that I have.  I now need to upgrade it because
1.2.04 has the RAW option on the printer setup that I need to make the ESCape sequences work.  But
since I only work on mvBase after hours and on weekends.  I can't get through to anyone there.  

I tried their website, but you need a password and login to get on to download the current version.
I sent email to GA, but no answer after two days.  I need this system installed, but I can't get to
the 1.2.04 version of mvbase.

Can someone at GA please get me a user id and password for the website.

Can you also please setup a system where people can acquire authorization codes and user ids without
needing to call between 9-5 pst!


tpackert at  (Just say no to spam!)

Old COBOL Programmers never die, just their software does on 12/31/99!

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