WinLink Release Notice

WinLink Release Notice

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Via Systems, Inc.
phone (719) 579-6800

October 27, 1995

***WARNING***--the following is a product release notice. Its content
may not be suitable for those suffering from purchase decision making
disorders, post/pre-Spectrum panic, or other industry-related maladies
known to exist in the Pick, Pick-style, multi-dimensional, post-
relational, non-first normal, NF2, whatever you care to call it,
database market. If you suffer from any of these YOU SHOULD NOT
READ further.

IF, however, you are looking for a way to avoid selling the corporate
farm down the river attempting to buy the latest techno-fix, but
don't want to avoid the future entirely, by all means, read on...

----Begin WinLink Product Release

Via Systems is proud to announce the release of WinLink version 3.0.
WinLink, the "Swiss Army Knife" of  PC-to-Pick (style) connectivity
tools has been enhanced dramatically after valuable input from
resellers, developers, and users. Written by Pick programmers
specifically, and only, for the Pick-style DBMS, WinLink is by
*far* the most portable and complete middleware available today to
link Windows NT, 95, 3.11, and 3.1 workstations with a Pick-style host.

Introduced several years ago, WinLink was the first tool of its kind
available to Pick Basic programmers that did not rely solely on the
host to process application requests. By using Windows library
routines (DLLs), WinLink was able to perform both pre- and post-
processing of host data on the PC workstation. Even better, WinLink
hid the complexities of DLL programming by offering Pick-style
Basic syntax for Pick programmers who did not want, or did not
have time, to learn DLL programming.

Matured and flattered by imitators, WinLink 3.0 now offers a virtual
arsenal of new and improved features. For starters, WinLink 3.0
integrates with Via Systems' companion product Via Duct 3.0. The
attractiveness of this integration is that you can run existing
character-based applications in the Via Duct emulation window, and,
with a simple subroutine call, execute a graphical application that
continues to interact with your host data base. When the graphical
application terminates, your character-based application is restored.

The point? -- You can breathe life into your existing database,
and the methods used to access it without contemplating budget
breaking measures such as wholesale data conversion to other
platforms or vendors. WinLink supports most of the Pick and Pick-
style databases on the market.

Graphical applications that use WinLink can be written with tools
such as Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications, PowerBuilder,
and in the near future, Delphi. Because WinLink is able to hide
the complexity of Windows DLL programming, you don't have to be
a high-level Windows programmer to take advantage of WinLink's
approach to host-data access.

But WinLink offers far more than just a bunch of lightning-fast APIs.
WinLink also sports improved Dynamic Data Exchange, Drag-and-Drop
file transfer, and a faster ODBC interface to Pick and Pick-alikes.

*New* features in WinLink 3.0 include faster ODBC, a Windows-like
File Manager in which you can copy, rename, delete, and move both
host and PC files, a full-featured item editor with automatic Basic
code structure completion and multi/sub value handling (EdWin),
an automatic script "Wizard" that generates WinLink script
information (Script Scribe), a connection Wizard that guides
you through the process of setting up a PC-to-Host hardware
connection (Connection Creator), in all, over 20 WinLink icons that
make setup and maintainance of WinLink almost trivial.

While competitors scramble to catch up, WinLink and Via Duct
together continue to offer more features for more Pick-style
platforms than any other package. DDE, ODBC Drivers, DLL
links using Pick Basic calls, value-added utility packages
--the twin products are the least proprietary and most cost
effective solution for gradual or immediate conversion
or mixture of your existing character-based Host programs
and Windows-based graphical ones.

In the "Gatesinian" world in which we now live, Via Systems has
responded to the market's search for lower prices with an
*aggressive* pricing policy. WinLink users upgrading from previous
single-user versions pay only $99 for the first copy with discounts
on additional copies.

The Base price of WinLink is $249 for the first copy, which
includes all PC and Host programs. Pricing for subsequent
"workstation" copies of WinLink drops to $129, with even greater
discounts for multiple-unit licenses. Combo discounts are available
for those who opt to purchase WinLink and Via Duct at the same time.
All purchases come with a 21-day, money-back guarantee; so

WinLink is designed to be compatible with many Pick and
Pick-style environments. While some of the large DBMS vendors
are beginning to offer a few of the capabilities (usually at
extra cost) offered by WinLink, not all businesses can afford
to upgrade their current host or train their staff to a new DBMS.

WinLink's vendor-independent technology offers a much more
cost-effective solution and ensures that graphical applications
remain portable should you decide to invest in a new host DBMS,
or, as a developer, create applications that target a varied DBMS

For a list of currently supported platforms contact Via Systems.
New platform support is added to WinLink on a regular basis.

Now is the time to take a step in a direction that won't lock you
into a specific DB vendor's Pick-style database add-ons. Develop once,
distribute and port widely, no matter who supplies the multi-
dimensional database. For one low price get *ALL* the tools you
need to link cutting-edge Windows technology to your host.

Still not convinced? Call and request our multi-media presentation
diskettes and "White Paper" for detailed information, not only about
WinLink and Via Duct, but about the technological issues that face
you in the PC-to-host connectivity world.
For more information about WinLink and Via Duct 3.0, please contact

request appropriate literature. Multi-media diskettes are available
for both WinLink and Via Duct that demonstrate our products in action.

You can also find  useful information on our BBS at (719) 579-0898
(8 data, 1 stop, no parity). Via Systems will soon be adding a
Web page for internet access.

Via Systems offers support on our products through our dealers
and VARs and by phone, fax, internet, BBS, and soon, WWW.

If you just want to flame me, I can be reached at the following:

Clint Lewis
Via Systems

"A good blurb conjures up 1000 pictures."


WinLink Release Notice

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>Via Systems, Inc.
>phone (719) 579-6800

>October 27, 1995

-----bunch of sales-speak snipped----

They told me I quoted the WinLink upgrade prices wrong.

I said $99 dollars to upgrade an older version of
WinLink. I was wrong. It's *$69* for the first upgrade, and even
less for any additional old copies you want to upgrade.

I know, I can't believe it myself.

Clint Lewis
Via Systems

"A good blurb conjures up 1000 pictures."


1. BETA RELEASE: VB Power Tools Final Beta Release Notice

Final Beta Release Notice - And New List Subscribe Notice

Thank you for your participation in the beta trials of
Visual Basic IDE Power Tools 2.0.

Over 300 beta testers in many different countries are
participating and are providing excellent feedback.

We have addressed all of the issues reported and have
provided a fix or the requested enhancement in this release.
All fixes are thoroughly regression tested and ready for your

A listing of the issues and the fixes are found on our website at:


     The previous version showed that you had a limited time
      to test the product and then it would disable after 30 days.
     THIS release is absolutely FREE in following with the true
     nature of a "beta". You will not see the time limit on
     this version.  Several testers brought this to our attention.
     Thank you.


We are using a new List Server called ListBot. ListBot
allows you to easily join or unsubscribe to our update
notices like this one.

ListBot does a great job of making sure you actually wanted
to join our list.

FYI: Last year we had 5 news letters that addressed
software update notifications and specific sales events.

We will not inundate you with news letters OR sell your

To SUBSCRIBE please visit our web site at:

If you do not subscribe your name will be dropped from our
lists automatically.


As President of CodeAvionics Software, I am always interested
in how we can better serve your development needs. The release
of the beta in January brought a flood of feedback email with
excellent ideas and suggestions on improving our existing
product base.

If you have not taken a moment to send us your feedback yet,
let me encourage you to do so. Your oppinion helps us to drive
the direction of our products.

We provide an annonymous feedback:

Or, you can email me directly at:

Thank you for your time and effort during this Beta Test.

Clint Carter
CodeAvionics Software Corporation

End Release Notification

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