Help: group footer not shrinking (bug?)

Help: group footer not shrinking (bug?)

Post by Michael Mil » Wed, 25 Jun 1997 04:00:00

I'm using VFP 5.0.  In a group footer in my report, I have a text field that
will either be blank or contain multiple lines of text.  When the field is
blank, I'd like the footer band to "shrink" appropriately.  After some testing,
I've determined that the field does indeed shrink, but the band doesn't.  
Instead, depending on where the detail lines end on the last page, I will get
an extra unwanted page that prints the blank group footer.  It's not helpful to
me to have a field that can shrink but not a group footer.  I do *NOT* have the
Constant Band Height setting checked.  I found a similar bug documented in
Microsofts Knowledge Base (Q143309 - "FIX: Report Writer Ignores Constant Band
Height"), but it seemed specific to the detail band and the article said that
this was fixed in VFP 5.0.  Any clues?  Is this another bug?

Michael Miles


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Came across a really interesting bug the other day, and wondered if anyone
has seen this except me?

I have a UDF in a footer that sums up a dollar figure from another
(previous level) footer. It works well, except when the footer causes a
top of form before printing. It seems that foxpro is "executing" the
footer twice, once on the first page (when it determines that the footer
won't have room to print), and then again on the next page when it
actually prints out. Therefore, the accumulated value has doubled the
numbers this time. Caused me quite a bit of lost time to figure out what
was really happening with the grand totals on my report!
Ron Walenciak
The Software Design Group, Inc.

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