6.4 compatibility with OI

6.4 compatibility with OI

Post by Karl & Betty Schende » Thu, 25 Dec 1997 04:00:00


>Would an application developed for and in Ingres 6.4 work under OI 1.2 or

Depends on exactly what kind of application it is.
It is possible that an ABF (or embedded C/SQL) application would work
fine under 2.0 even without recompiling, ie the 6.4 images can work.
In some cases we've found that the old binaries don't work, but a
simple recompilation under OI 2.0 makes the app work.  In other
cases the app itself needs some conversion work (usually due to
reserved word conflicts or the UPDATE FROM semantics issue).

I'm not very familiar with converting OpenRoad apps, but I suspect that
the answer is pretty much the same: many apps will continue to work
fine, some will need a little conversion effort.

Karl R. Schendel, Jr.

Ingres and Unix Expertise


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