FoxFire!: Preferred Method for connection

FoxFire!: Preferred Method for connection

Post by Bill Bardo » Fri, 20 Dec 1996 04:00:00

> Anyone have any suggestions as to the preferred method for connecting
> FoxFire! to an application.

After setting up your directories and data items in FoxFire, add a line


to your program.  FoxFire saves all existing variables, open tables,
etc. when it starts and restores them on exit.  That's all I had to do,
but I run my progam as an .app, not an .exe.  I'm sure that would
complicate matters.

Bill Bardon
Elkhorn, Nebraska


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I'm getting confused by all the connetions options using ADO.  
I'd like some opinions on what connections methods are best, and under
what circumstances.  There's the data control vs not using the data
control.  There's connection with a Data Link File, An ODBC Data Source
Name. and using a Connection String, and there's the data designer.

Since I'm working applications that will be distributed, I don't want to
hard code any data paths.

I asked this question once before, and received a reply that suggested I
use SQL Server.  That isn't always an option.  Nor was it my question.
Can someone give me some guidelines?


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