In search of a Full Text DataBase Toolkit

In search of a Full Text DataBase Toolkit

Post by Rick Kimba » Tue, 02 Oct 1990 05:49:38

I want to implement a system that would allow me to search a text
database containing word processing documents using any word in a
document as the key.  The database will always be growing, so the
ability to add new documents without to much pain is essential.

It should be fast.  Not only in retrieval side but also in it's
handing of additions.

It should have a 'C' API that provides functions that allow me to
search by just specifying a word or a groups of words and some boolean
logic.  It should handle stemming.  Support for both MS-Windows and
X-Windows would be great.

The database should be machine independent.  I need to access it
without conversion from both INTEL and Motorola based environments.  It
should be able to do this without a client/server relationship, just
using remote mounting.

It would be nice if it had built in filters that understand all the
popular Word Processing formats and would automatically handle
translation to straight ascii text.  As would TIFF image handling

I would prefer a commercial product that provides 'C' source
code and no royalties.  Am I a dreamer or what?  

Any pointers to products that would provide the features above
would be appreciated.

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