CodeBase 5.1/CodeReporter2.0/CodeControls

CodeBase 5.1/CodeReporter2.0/CodeControls

Post by Fong Whye Ko » Wed, 08 Dec 1993 05:05:00

Just saw the advert for Sequiter's latest upgrades to CodeBase5.0, anybody
know how much is the upgrade to 5.1 with Codereporter 2.0 and code controls?
I already have CodeBase 5.0. Does Sequiter has a Compuserve Forum or internet
address I can write to? Thanks for any info??



1. CodeBase 5.1 questions

: Is this a fairly reliable company?  I would appreciate hearing from anyone
: who has actually gotten support from them.

: Also, could anyone who upgraded from CodeBase 5.0 to 5.1 please give me
: some idea of whether the $150 they quoted me for the upgrade would be a
: good investment.  The original package cost about $300, so I thought
: the upgrade was rather expensive.

: Thanks in advance for any help.  I've always heard good things about
: CodeBase, but my inital experience with Sequiter Software certainly
: doesn't bear this out.  

The support isn't so bad as you mentioned

good response.
But they are unable to send me the newest patch uuencoded.
The only way to get the patch is to call the Mailbox in the USA.
But from germany it is expensive.
So if someone has the patch (only the difference of product files)
from 403 437 2229 or 403 437 2301 8-N-1
Files 51PP0404.ZIP and 51PPCOM.ZIP please send me the patch uuencoded.

Thanks Gerald

Phone : 49+911+397921 - Dortmunder Str. 47 - 90425 Nuernberg - Germany


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