Full database - No records in RS!?

Full database - No records in RS!?

Post by Mark Harri » Sat, 12 Oct 2002 20:16:54

Hi all

Ok...let me tell you about my problem....
I've written a small piece of software that Synchronises  
local desktop MSDE databases from a Master Informix
database with application metadata.
The ADO version being used is 2.5.

The software, works perfectly  ...on Win2k machines, and a
good selection of NT machines as well! However, on some NT
machines, i appear to be getting empty recordsets from the
queries sent down to Informix.
No error occurs, so i'm assuming the query does run
ok ....so my theory is that the data isn't getting
marshalled accross the network to these workstations
Now, this works on 2000 machines that are either not
domained, or are on a different domain to the UNIX server
hosting the informix database, so am ruling out that a
firewall is preventing the data transfer, seeing as this
works OK!
My only other theory (currently untested!), is that
there's a DCOM fix (or something!) in a later NT service
pack that sorts this problem. All the NT machines that
this run's ok on have 6a ....we're currently looking into
the others!

Anyway ...if anyone has any ideas, or other additional
theories i can try, then do let me know!!

GOD, i hate informix!!




Full database - No records in RS!?

Post by Scot Ro » Thu, 17 Oct 2002 00:52:39

Doesn't sound like Informix is the problem<G>  I think your checking the service pack levels is a good idea. Since it does work on some nt4 boxes and not others
it seems to be that something is missing. Do you have Virus Software running on these machines? In some cases, MDAC will get hosed on teh install with some
Virus Scanning software. The option there is to Disable AV and reinstall MDAC or Uninstall AV and Reinstall or boot to safe mode and reinstall MDAC (Not an
option on NT4)

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