cannot add MSAccess 97 data source in ODBC Data Source Admin

cannot add MSAccess 97 data source in ODBC Data Source Admin

Post by Joe Avo » Thu, 14 Sep 2000 23:22:24

Hello. I am trying to add the MS Access 97 Database (*.mdb) user data source
in ODBC Data source admin but it does not appear under "Create New Data
Source". The file ODBCJT32.DLL is present on the machine.

This machine is an SMS site server, and there are other copies of the file
in SMS directories. is this my problem?



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Dear Sirs,

 since some day, when I ADD a new Data Source in ODBC Data Source
Administrator (or Configure an existing) , even if it's correctly installed
and tested by machine, ITS NAME DOESN'T APPEAR in System DSN box.

I can correctly see all (new and pre-existing) them in the Registry Editor.

Could anyone please tell me where is the problem?

thanks in advance


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