SELECT Count(*) and finding duplicate recs.

SELECT Count(*) and finding duplicate recs.

Post by Jonathan Davi » Fri, 30 Oct 1998 04:00:00

In VFP to find a dup for a certian key, I would:

SELECT key, count(*) as cnt    ;
    from table1    ;
    group by key    ;
    having cnt > 1

In SQL Server how do I name the columns.

I need this for "HAVING" referencing. (If there's a better way - someone
clue me in PLZ!)

Jonthan Davis



Ok, quick question here. I'm wondering if doing a SELECT COUNT(*) is slower
than say selecting a count based on a single column name. If there is a
difference, is it significant? What is the recommended usage of the COUNT()
function? I have been using COUNT(*), but I'm wondering if that takes too
long. Thanks for any help.

Jon Rista

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