Syntax error when updating Memo field in a view in VFP5

Syntax error when updating Memo field in a view in VFP5

Post by Steve Elleno » Wed, 19 Mar 1997 04:00:00

HI All,

Has anyone ever run into this problem? I have a view which reads a
memo field in a foxpro 5.0 table. The view works fine when you add new
records. The view works fine when you enter a value into the memo
field for the 1ST time. However, when you try to change the value of
the memo after it has a value in it, and try to update the table via
tableupdate, vfp returns a tableupdate error of 10 - syntax error!!!

I've never seen anything like this before. Does anyone know what might
be the problem, or has had similar problems updating memo fields?

Thanks in advance!



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I hope that this is the correct group to post this question, however am
having a problem that I can not seem to fix.  I have been working with it
for 3 days.

The problem is that one of my fields (the field named Text ) in my Access 97
database is a memo field. When I leave out this field from my Sql statement,
all runs fine.  However, when I add it I get the message "Syntax error in
UPDATE statement" . I've tried putting the Text field at the end of my
statement, and I've tried double single quotes and all types of
combinations.  There must be a way so that I can update a memo field.  Can
anybody help me?  Thank you in advance very much.


SqlText = "Update PressRelease Set Title='" & Title & "',Location='" &
Location & "',Text='" & Text & "' WHERE ID=" & Session("T0ID")

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