Help: successor to rapidfile?

Help: successor to rapidfile?

Post by Donald Malcolm MacQuee » Sat, 06 May 2000 04:00:00

my kids school uses rf, and I need to find something
to replace it that is just as simple, but multiuser
on a network, that won't require 10 tons of
customization by me.

All they do is input info in the spreadsheet mode,
and run several types of reports and labels. I'd
also like to keep the data in some widely
supported format (dbf, access, etc) for use by
other programs. Rf is now a dos dead end.

WHat do you suggest?    thanks very much


Help: successor to rapidfile?

Post by Doug Macki » Sat, 06 May 2000 04:00:00

Hi Donald,

Take a look at Lotus Approach.

It uses .dbf  format  and costs only about $100.  It is now available as a
separate product (formerly was bundled with the Lotus office suite).  It
imports and exports to most of the popular formats. It is very easy to set
up, and its label capabilities are excellent.

Doug Mackie
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I have several rapidfile files that I need to convert to something I
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I don't have the rapidfile software.  I also currently don't have
dbase but am searching to see if anyone in the company has it
installed on their computer.

I tried to use foxpro but it seams that I would need to know the names
of the fields in the file first, setup a foxpro table then "append
from" using the rpd type.

When I tried to guess the field names and sizes, I found that the data
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In dbase, would I need to know the field names and sizes first?

Does anyone have any ideas that I can try?  I really need to access
the data.


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