rapidfile problem

rapidfile problem

Post by Larry Kan » Fri, 28 Mar 1997 04:00:00


I've been using ashton-tate's rapidfile. I exported a file and it
disappeared. I found it in 3 new files, renamed and compressed into
word-wrapped blocks of text. I can't find my original file intact.

What happened? How can I recover my original data? Does anyone know how
to unexport data?



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I have several rapidfile files that I need to convert to something I
can work with like dbase, Access or SAS.

I don't have the rapidfile software.  I also currently don't have
dbase but am searching to see if anyone in the company has it
installed on their computer.

I tried to use foxpro but it seams that I would need to know the names
of the fields in the file first, setup a foxpro table then "append
from" using the rpd type.

When I tried to guess the field names and sizes, I found that the data
wasn't being imported correctly.

In dbase, would I need to know the field names and sizes first?

Does anyone have any ideas that I can try?  I really need to access
the data.


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