1 GB IDE drive on older ISA bus

1 GB IDE drive on older ISA bus

Post by CWNo » Tue, 19 Dec 1995 04:00:00

To all who responded to my plea for help - my deepest gratitude.  I ended
up with AMIDISK, which is a BIOS "extender" card.  I have AMI BIOS and
wanted to stay with it (AMIDISK claims to be compatible with all BIOS,
though).  It was a simple install, I got my 1.2GB, and was able to install
AP/PRO.  I wish the AP/PRO install was that easy...but that's another
horror story.  Anyway, I got it from Global Technologies (800 708-3243).
They are right down the street from AMI, and have a very good working
relationship with them.  They are very knowledgeable, and deliver as
promised. $59.00 + shipping.  One caveat: the docs say to get rid of any
partitions on the drive - THEY MEAN IT!  That sucker can and will find any
existing partition on it, no matter what drive type & parameters it was
set up with, and it will complain.  

I don't get ALL the performance that this drive could provide in a newer
machine, but it still is significantly faster than the 420 MD Seagate it

Again, thanks to all who responded.
Happy Holodays,
Charlie Noah


1. 1 GB IDE drive on older ISA bus 386

I am trying to install a Maxtor 71260 IDE drive on a 1991 model 386/40
with ISA bus, and boy, am I getting an education.  My present controller
won't recognize mode than 528 MB (or whatever).  The AMI BIOS will take
the parameters in drive type 47, but when I FDISK, I don't get it.  I need
to give AP/PRO about 250 meg and the rest to DOS 6.22.  I have been told
that I need an enhanced IDE controller, but I need a local bus for that.
Can anyone help?
Best holiday wishes,
Charlie Noah

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