OLE DB for SQL vs. OLE for ODBC

OLE DB for SQL vs. OLE for ODBC

Post by Aaron Sarbe » Thu, 29 May 2003 23:01:31

Can any one please explain the difference in the way these
two types of data sources connect to a DB? I'm a Document
Imaging System Specialist and have found that the software
we use reacts differently depending on the type of data
source selected. An OLE for ODBC conn works much better
than OLE DB for SQL.

Also, how can you change the character set and sort order
of a SQL install without having to uninstall then
reinstall? Can you have different CH sets and SO's for
individual DB's?

Thanks for the help.

Aaron Sarber


1. ODBC Vs ODBCDirect Vs ADO Vs OLE/DB advise

We have a relatively large VB 5.0 (Professional Editiion)  application which
primarily accesses tabular databases using DAO.

We wish to add a simple database explorer -- a bit of code that returns a
lists of servers and databases by driver.  It would mimic the network
neighbourhood app but for SQL databases.

The standard ODBC 2.0 call is SQLBROWSECONNECT. Can anyone confirm

1. whether this can this can only be achived using VB 5.0 (Enterprise
Edition) using ODBCDIRECT services?

2. whether  ADO or OLE/DB provide high level facilities for locating drivers
and returning a list of servers and databases?

3. whether I am correct in assuming that DAO and ODBC connectivity will be
superceded by ADO and OLE/DB?

4.whether  you will be able to write applications using VB which call OLE/DB
irectly - the current spec requires C++

5. whether there is a later version of ODBC that is more suitable for VB?

6. whether there is a third party database explorer library  suitable for VB
that does this task?

Finally the current SQLDRIVERS function will return a list of drivers if
they are installed on a local machine. If drivers are located on servers
rather than locally installed does the SQLDrivers function list (locate)
these drivers as well?

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