Foxpro for SCO under BSD?

Foxpro for SCO under BSD?

Post by skip » Tue, 03 Jan 1995 10:14:29

Anyone knows if Foxpro/Unix runs under Freebsd? IF so, how well?



1. Upgrading from FoxPlus for SCO to MS FoxPro 2.6 for SCO

I recently upgraded from FoxPlus on SCO 3.xx to SCO 5.02 and MS FoxPro for UNIX 2.6.  I am having a few problems that maybe you can help me with.

1) I get an error message " .fxp not a valid object file."  I think this has to do with the file attributes, but it eludes me.  If I set the files to 777 I still get the error, but if I change them to 666 the error seems to go away.  Does this make any sense?

2) This one I can't figure out.  I keep getting an error in one of my programs that ran perfectly well in FoxPlus that reads "File Read Error." and points to a blank line.  I recoded a portion of the file just to make sure there weren't any strange hidden characters, but I still receive the message.  I've checked the file attributes and they are set ok.  Any ideas?????



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