Unable to run this program in DOS mode

Unable to run this program in DOS mode

Post by Dan Peters » Thu, 07 Mar 1996 04:00:00


>I created a executable in VFP and then installed it on a machine that
>doesn't have VFP.  The VFP300.esl file has been installed on the machine.
>When I goto run the program, a DOS window comes up and says that I can't
>run this program in DOS mode.  I have been able to run this program on
>another that doesn't have VFP installed on it.  Does any body know what I
>missing from this machine that can't run this program?


Sounds like you are missing MS-Windows! The VFP300.esl only provides Visual
FoxPro runtime -- you still must have Windows itself, or a Windows runtime...

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If I run this program from Windows the program runs as expected.

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This is only happening on one of about 150 computers that I work with.

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