Pick Unidata uniVerse D3 SystemBuilder Programmers, Contractors and a Support Manager needed for U.S.-(Recuiter)

Pick Unidata uniVerse D3 SystemBuilder Programmers, Contractors and a Support Manager needed for U.S.-(Recuiter)

Post by Mike Sigma » Thu, 30 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Tech Associates is recruiting Pick/uniVerse/Unidata Programmer/Analysts
for client companys throughout the country ( U.S. only ). A partial list
of openings includes needs for these locations: ( All are permanent U.S.
opportunities unless denoted by **; contract opportunities at bottom of
listings ) .

Support Manager for a Mid-Atlantic distributor. $55,000 to $65,000. Low
cost of living!!
Pick/uniVerse Programmers for Phoenix, AZ-$40,000-$55,000
Pick/Unidata/uniVerse/Jbase/D3 Programmer for Dana Point & Orange County,
CA $55,000-$75,000
Pick/uniVerse Programmers for NYC, Newark-New Jersey, Brooklyn, Long
Island, Jamica,Westchester County-to $70,000 d.o.e.

EDI Specialist for Kansas City, Kansas-$45,000-$52,000 low cost of living
AREV Programmers for Atlanta, Georgia-$45,000-$60,000 permanent.
SystemBuilder Programmers & Contractors needed for East -Must have 1 plus
years of SystemBuilder or SB+ experience and 5 plus years general
programming in Pick,Unidata,uniVerse! Salary $45-$65,000 ( one with bonus
) or contract hourly rates in the $40.00 to $60.00 range d.o.e.
Pick/Unidata/uniVerse Programmer for Kansas City, MO-$40,000-$52,000
Pick/uniVerse/Visual Basic Programmers for Iowa-$40,000 to $55,000
$ Pick/Unidata/uniVerse programmers for San Diego, CA-$40,000 to $55,000
Pick/Unidata/uniVerse/Prime Programmer for Central & South
Unidata Programmers for Mid-West-$40-$60,0000. Quality & Low Cost of
living area !!
uniVerse/Pick/Unidata Programmer/Analysts (2) for Detroit
suburb.$40-$50,000(on hold)
uniVerse Programmer/Analysts (2) for Baltimore & Columbia, MD
$ Pick/Unidata Programmers for Silver Spring, MD-$45,000-$70,000
SystemBuilder Professionals (3)-U.S.-$40,000-$60,000 plus quarterly
Senior Prog./Analysts (2)-if you have TheSystemWorks, MasterPak, CSC
experiencee we need to talk; salary to $65,000 plus super bonus.
SystemBuilder Programmer/Analyst for East Coast-$40,000-$65,000 plus
Pick Programmer/Analyst-Orlando, Florida-$40,000-$50,000 plus bonus
$ Pick Developers needed for rural Maryland; will go to Visual
$ Chicago & suburbs-IL -$40,000-$58,000
Pick Programmers needed for Cleveland,Cincinnati, Toledo &
Oklahoma City -Oklahoma -$45,000-$55,000
Pennsylvania -Philadelphia area-$35,000-$55,000
New Jersey-south and north (10-$35-$65K)
Long Island-south shore($45-$60,000)New York-upstate ($35-$48,000) and
Westchester county (2-$45-$58,000)
** Advanced Revelations Contractors-for Georgia-$45.00 to $58.00 per hour
**East Coast -SystemBuilder contractor-$40.00 to $65.00 per hour plus
Salary ranges ( clients make them up-not me and are looking for 1-10
years experience generally ) depend on specific location, specific
experience and education. Always, always, always, always, always, always
looking for great Programmer/Analysts with one to six years experience!!
Where do you want to be? Mike markets great people and will work with
your toward your career goals. Please forward a resume by fax to
(410)-581-9067, by E-Mail with Microsoft Word document or plain text

about the job market and your goals!! Companys all require U.S.
citizenship or green card!!!!  Please Please include a daytime telephone
number.  Mike Sigman     Tech Associates
Suite 161, 3681 Offutt Road, Randallstown, MD 21133
(410)-581-1380 voice,(410)-581-9067 fax, Toll Free 888-870-7212