UML to ORDBMS Schema Mapping

UML to ORDBMS Schema Mapping

Post by Robert Igglesd » Sun, 04 Nov 2001 22:03:32

I'm currently doing a project that takes an O-O (UML) diagram from a
CASE tool called 'WithClass 2000', and maps the persistent classes
into a IBM DB2 database schema. The aim is to maximise the
object-relational extensions in DB2v7, and to provide a high quality

As part of my work, I must survey what has already been done in this
field. I must also survey any theory work done on schema mapping, etc.

Answers to these questions would be very useful: -

1) What tools do this sort of mapping, using O-RDBMS extensions?
2) Are CASE tools providing useful methods of defining O-R DB schemas?
3) What problems might be met when converting the UML to a schema?
4) What would be the most useful tool for this project? i.e. how
interactive would it be, etc?

Other websites relating to this work would be useful.

Robert Igglesden