Btrieve and NetWare SQL on NetWare 3.12

Btrieve and NetWare SQL on NetWare 3.12

Post by Agache Brun » Fri, 15 Jan 1999 04:00:00


I have a server NetWare 3.11 with Btrieve 5.15 and NetWare SQL 2.11 (a
very old server) and I want to migrate him to NetWare 3.12 with Btrieve
6.10. I do not know Btrieve and Netware SQL very well, I do not have any
manual and I have some questions about them. Can you help me ?

- Does it have a migration between Btrieve 5.15 and Btrieve 6.10 or can
I just copy the files on my new server ?

- If I must do a migration, can I do it with an inplace migration
between NetWare 3.11 and NetWare 3.12 ?

- Is Netware SQL 2.11 Y2K compliant ? if it is not, which is the
compliant version ? Which are the knowing problems on this version
(2.11) ? Can I continue to use its ?

- Can I use NetWare SQL 2.11 on a server NetWare 3.12 whitout problems ?

- On the client side, I use XTRIEVE. When I start its, the screen
becomes black and I never have any response. Do you know why ?

- Does it exist any technical informations on these products on the net

I know, there are a lot of questions, but I will be happy even if you
can anwer at one of them.

                                            thank you very well.


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most part they run DOSbox Btrieve apps at all the stations and
everything works fine.  However, when a user tries to run queries on the
data using MSQuery and ODBC, the server ends up disconnecting all the
remote printers from the print queues and all the DOSBox clients from
the Btrieve engine.  This seems to always happen when MSQuery is
returning the data to Excel.  The query completes but everyone else is
left disconnected from Btrieve and printing.

The server is a Pentium II-333 with 256mb and a SCSI drive and my first
impression is that they need to upgrade the server.  But if anyone here
has some other insight, I would appreciate it.  I have already tried
changing the server buffer settings to their maximums.

Brad Kunkel

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