Help needed restoring a One-Write Plus database backup-set

Help needed restoring a One-Write Plus database backup-set

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I am hoping someone on this group has had previous exp working on a
binary level with the databases created by the accounting program
called One-Write Plus for Windows.

My client has a backup of his year 1999 financial records on two
floppy disks, containing a compressed backup made by One-Write Plus,
version 5 or 6. The main disk has two bad sectors and cannot produce
a readable output from the data stored in those sectors. When we try
to restore the company database for use in One-Write Plus 8, the
decompression fails at "Page 4248." Then the restoration is aborted,
although the rest of the data can be decompressed. OnTrack was
unsuccessful in bringing the data up on a replacement set of

If there is anyone out there with knowledge of this program and its
file system, and has any idea how one might insert bogus data into
the exact location in the bad copy so as to allow the rest of the
data to decompress, please let me know your recommendations. Note
that the compressed files represent a multifile original database
set, merged and compressed in filesize.

I have access to recent backups of the same company, which could be
used as a template, but I do not know what type of editor to use, or
how to read the encoded binary data or line numbers.

This information is vital to my client. Any assistance will be
appreciated. Professional database programmers can contact me by
email regarding paid services, which the client will cover. Strip


Sincerely, Bob "Wiz" Feinberg