FAQ List: Putting together a list of Tools

FAQ List: Putting together a list of Tools

Post by Troy Tinn » Fri, 08 Apr 1994 18:46:42

I would like to put together a list of database access tools (for the
benefit of all in this news group) preferably those which access an
Informix or Oracle Database from a UNIX box and load directly into a PC
application such as Lotus, Excel or a PC Database.For those of you
that have experience with one of these products, send an email to

and include the following: the name of the product, a short description
of its functions, platforms available and accessable to (or at least
what you're using) and most importantly, your likes and dislikes about
the product. I will bundle them together and post them to this news
group (as soon as I've received enough to justify a list or next week ..
whichever comes first.)

I would prefer to hear from end users and not sales people (unless
you're willing to send me a demo copy so I can do my own analysis
of the product).

Thanks. I look forward to hearing from you.


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1. Putting Together A User List!

First of all, here you go --
Name: Michael Carnell
Company: Roper Health Systems, Inc.
Work Phone Number: (803)724-7120

Web Address: http://clever.net/dbd/olap/
Products Used: Oracle, VB, Access, Informix, ex-Pilot Lightship
Level of Involvement: Project Management and Development
Months/Years Experience in OLAP: 1 year +

On another note, I would be glad to post this list, or individual submissions
to me, on my OLAP, DSS & EIS web page.  This could be a great spot for
individuals looking for advice, contacts, jobs, employees, consultants, etc...

BTW, the page is at http://clever.net/dbd/olap/index.html

If you want me to link your name, web page, or email address off the page,
please let me know.

Michael Carnell, Computer Systems Engineer & LEGO Maniac
Charleston, SC 29417-1994   -   http://clever.net/dbd/cmc

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