Windows 4GL HELP! (Please.)

Windows 4GL HELP! (Please.)

Post by Jeff Kirv » Thu, 12 Jan 1995 00:41:08

Is there any way to get Ingres 4GL for Windows to relinquish memory
when it's done using it? We are running into _major_ resource shortages
grinding our mission-critical client-server system to a halt.

Basically, when 4GL allocates memory from Windows, it never gives it back,
so that memory is gone until Windows is exited and restarted. Is this fixable?

Please reply post or email posthaste. Thank you very much.

Disclaimer: I do _not_ speak for the United States Air Force...


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Can you stop posting Mime.

I'm not entirely sure the Informix 4GL people have given up the fight
yet, but I have no specific inside info to back that feeling up.

Or even "losing".

So as a matter of interest and debate, what's wrong with the attempts
made so far by the likes of 4Js and Querix?



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