Linking C with Clipper

Linking C with Clipper

Post by Tanu Kartawir » Sat, 04 Jul 1992 17:05:34

 Thanks to all who responded. I really appreciate it.

 > If the C function you are trying to link is relatively short,
 > perhaps you could post it for a little more concrete discussion.

 Here's is a sample of the code that I'm trying to linked together. This
 is a much samplified code of what I'm trying to do. I was finally able
 to link it successfuly (Thanks to Mark). But, the EXE file still doesn't run
 correctly, if it runs at all.  (At least I got something :->)

 --- CLIPTEST.PRG ------------------

 ? "Test"
 a = "123"
 b = the_mem()
 ? a, b

 ---- CTEST.C ------------------------

 #include "d:nandef.h"
 #include "d:extend.h"
 #include <dos.h>

 CLIPPER the_mem()
 union REGS r;
 int amem;

         int86(0x12, &r, &r);;

 Here's how I compile and linked it: Notes that I'm using TurboC v.2.0
 and Clipper Summer 87.

 tcc -c -f- -ml -N- ctest.c
 clipper cliptest.prg -l -m
 tlink ctest.obj cliptest.obj,,,clipper+extend+cl.lib

 It did compile and linked fine, but the program either doesn't work,
 prints wrong results, and/or prints garbage and runtime error message.
 What gives?

 Thanks again,






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