Request for info on DBMS - client-server, supports 2 bytes

Request for info on DBMS - client-server, supports 2 bytes

Post by Looi Chee Kit (K » Tue, 18 Jan 1994 11:38:14

Any information of products or software solutions to the following
database (DB) requirements will be much appreciated:

relational DB
supports 2 bytes (support for other languages like Chinese)
multi-user security
support for Mac and Windows
standalone/network client-server versions (a Mac or PC running Windows
     can be linked to the server and query the DB)
ability to integrate with other commercial packages, e.g. spreadsheets,
     word processing software, etc.
able to include external code written in C
runtime/distribution costs?

Please reply direct to me. Thanks.

Chee-Kit Looi
Information Technology Institute


1. REQUEST - Feedback on client/server DBMS products...

I am posting this for a co-worker without access to USENET.

His request:

 As part of an evaluation of client/server DBMS, I'd like to collect
 some opinions here.  If you've used or are otherwise very familiar
 with these products, I'd appreciate hearing you're voice.  It could
 be a short response like, 'Avoid product X, it is too buggy,' or you
 could provide detail about strengths and weaknesses.  You might
 mention performance, stability, cost, ease of use, features, etc.

 We're most interested in the market leaders such as Informix, Oracle,
 Microsoft/Sybase and so forth.  Also, we are most interested in the
 engine itself and not the front end development tools, as we expect
 to use Visual Basic for the front end.

 Thanks to all...

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

Craig Holland
Systems Programmer


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