Recodset clones and *Complete events

Recodset clones and *Complete events

Post by Miha Marki » Thu, 26 Jul 2001 23:48:18


Is there a way to determine which clone fired FieldChangeComplete event, or
better, to determine which record was actually modified?



1. execute complete event of the connection object

I use a series of command objects to execute stored procedures on Oracle
in asynchronous mode.

In order to proceed from one command object to another I attempted to
use the 'execute complete' event of the connection object. Within that
event procedure I attempted to test the value of pCommand parameter as
in the following line of code :

select case pCommand



end select

However the very first line of code (select case ...) gives me a 'type
mismatch error'..

I even changed the declaration of the command object to

dim ..... as adodb.command from the original declaration viz.

dim .... as command.

Despite the change i still get the same error message.

any thoughts on this

Thanks and Regards

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