DBASEIV: Display won't work?

DBASEIV: Display won't work?

Post by Dave Beed » Sun, 06 Sep 1992 00:37:11

   Hi all!  If got a problem with a dbase program which work fine under
dbaseIII plus.  Under dbase IV (1.5) a display command won't work from within
the program.  HTe command has the form

        display off name, address, phone for &srchfld.

   &srchfld is a macro with something like t0=" " .and. t1=" " .and. t2=" "

  I can enter the command from the dot prompt and all goes well but it seems
as if the program just ignores the display command.  There are records in the
database which meet the search criteria.

   Is this a problem folks have had?  Is there a fix?

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