PROGRESS Editor and Win2000, Cursor gets stuck

PROGRESS Editor and Win2000, Cursor gets stuck

Post by Detlef Richte » Fri, 21 Jan 2000 04:00:00

Hi there,

does anyone try to check PROGRESS 9.0b on Win2000?
Problem exists AFAIK on 8.3, too.
When using the PROGRESS Editor I often get a strange behaviour
when clicking the input cursor to a new place using the mouse.
Sometimes, indeed about 2/3 of all times the input cursor "|" sticks to
its place and doesn't move or show reactions even if I type in characters
or use the cursor keys.
Only the RETURN key works, and the paste command CTRL-V.

Just clicking to a different place helps, but I often have to click several

Is that a common problem on Win2k with progress?
Or just my problem as I use a PS/2 mouse or whatever!?


MfG / Best Regards

Hasenpusch Software Entwicklung


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