W4GL - "Invisible" frames start up iconised

W4GL - "Invisible" frames start up iconised

Post by Alan Litt » Wed, 19 Oct 1994 03:47:19

Can anybody advise me on how to start up a frame so that it really comes
up invisible (e.g. to start a frequently used lookup frame whilst loading
the application, for fast access later)? If a frame is started with

        CALLFRAME someframe(...) with WindowVisibility = WV_INVISIBLE;

... the frame appears iconised, and if clicked on by the user it appears -
possibly in confusing circumstances. Same problem if CurFrame.WindowVisibility
is set in the frame's initialize block.

This is happening on X11R5 on an AIX machine with W4GL 2.0/02 - but I've
also had the same problem with X11R4 on SunOS.
Alan Little


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Quoting Cecilia Jaeger...
I sat on this one for a day now...  Everyone seems to be dwelling on INVISIBLE
and terminal attributes.  Technotes "Spring 1990" provided this little gem:

Here --------- Snip Here --------- Snip Here --------- Snip Here --------- Snip
    DEFINE  c CHAR(1)           # Get character
    DEFINE  psw CHAR(8)         # Store the password
    DEFINE  i SMALLINT          # Counter

    FOR i = 1 TO 8
        PROMPT "Enter password: " FOR CHAR c
        IF (c IS NULL) THEN     # Check for space or return
            EXIT FOR
            LET psw = psw CLIPPED, c
        END IF
Here --------- Snip Here --------- Snip Here --------- Snip Here --------- Snip


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