DDE and Winword 6.0 (FPW26- German)

DDE and Winword 6.0 (FPW26- German)

Post by Wolfgang Ludw » Sat, 29 Jul 1995 04:00:00


Where can I get information about DDE connection between FPW26 and Winword.
I know how to start Winword (RUN /n), open a file (via DDE and Wordbasic),
mailmerge (via DDE and Wordbasic), print etc.
My special question: Can I use the DDEPOKE - command to sent directly
ASCII-Strings into a merge document without creating a temp-dbf.
for example: Winword is running in the background and a merge document with
the field <<name>> is open. The user selects a address in FPW26 and via DDE I
want to sent a string directly in the field <<name>>.
I think it is possible - but how?
Everyone out there who knows?



1. Help for dde winword / demande d'aide sur dde winword

Je souhaite utiliser winword 97 partir de paradox 7
je russi lancer l'application  winword avec le document souhait mais
winword ne rend pas la main paradox qui se met en erreur
"DDE : le serveur spcifi ne rpond pas".

Voici le bout de programme que j 'ai cris :

method pushButton(var eventInfo Event)
 Word_dde DDE

;ouverture du fichier word
Word_dde.open ("C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft




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