ABF-Proc/Frames Multiple Applikations

ABF-Proc/Frames Multiple Applikations

Post by Henrik Georg S?rense » Tue, 28 Apr 1998 04:00:00

In our system we have linket the source-code to the multiple
As its a big job to make the frames, procedure and global
variables/records etc were doing this:

Tape the first make of frame, procedure and globals like this:
        abf -I<filename> <database> <applicationname>

Run it on the other applikations (making them without typing):
        abf -Z<filename> <database> <applicationname>

Beaware of the following:
        Same Terminal, No Users in the other applications as it would
give different key-strokes.

Works in versions of INGRES V6.4 and OpenIngres 1.2.

Of course you could also use iiexport/iiimport in OpenIngres.


ABF-Proc/Frames Multiple Applikations

Post by Karl & Betty Schende » Sun, 03 May 1998 04:00:00

Quote:>I would appreciate it if you could supply a (formal?) definition of the -I
>and -Z flags so that their use is more understandable. These sound like
>unsupported features if they are not formally part of the Ingres
>documentation set but it would be interesting to learn more about this.

-I and -Z are basically keystroke recording and replaying functions.
They are undocumented.  I believe that they apply to pretty much any
FRS application, not just abf itself.
-I<filename> records the keystrokes you enter, including function key
presses.  The keystroke data goes into <filename>.
-Z<filename> replays the keystrokes from the file <filename>.  There
is little or no intelligence about the replay, it acts as if it just
stuffs characters.

The recording file is not a literal record of the characters that
were typed.  There is a mix of typein and context information.
The data is recorded in such a way that it is terminal sensitive,
meaning that if you record keystrokes from terminal type foo and
try to replay them while running under terminal type bar, it will
most likely not work.

Karl R. Schendel, Jr.

Ingres and Unix Expertise


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