What type is this database?

What type is this database?

Post by Vaxe » Fri, 26 Apr 2002 22:30:26

Hi there all folks!

I have a software that uses a database, and I need to open the
database myself, but I don't know what is the database type, and by
which program it made, the extention of the database file is .ord, and
i think the programmers renamed it to hide the real type, anyways, the
header of database begin with this :


Is there anyone that know what type is this database? If anyone can
help, I can mail all database or all header of it
THNX for your attention


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I am trying to figure out the best way to design part of a database that
includes a type of material, a sub-type of that material, and a sub-type of
the sub-type of material.  For example one type of material is Hardwood,
which could have Oak as a sub-type, which could then have Red Oak, White
Oak, etc. as sub-types of the subtype.  I am struggling to figure out the
best way to go about this.

The way it will be used is through a web interface where users will first
select the main material type and based on that selection will then select
the sub-material type and then finally the detailed material type.

One option would be to have a Material table and then for each material
have a Sub-Material table, i.e. Sub-Hardwood, Sub-Softwood, etc.  This
wouldn't be bad at two levels but because of the third level requirements,
I could end up needed hundreds of tables to describe each material.  This
seems to be way too massive and a maintenance nightmare.

Other than that I am at a lose as to a simple solution to this problem.  I
am sure this has been done many times as I have seen applications like this
on the Internet before.  Anybody have any ideas on easy way to go about

Thank you for any responses,
Jeremy Olmstead

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