Looking for developer around Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada

Looking for developer around Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada

Post by Ron Schofiel » Sat, 02 Sep 2000 22:07:50

We are looking for someone who can support a progess database. The
system is located in Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada. If you are interested,


1. Looking for VFPers around Penticton, BC, Canada

     I live in Penticton, BC, Canada (in the South Okanagan).  It's
lonely here.  I am connected to the VFP world through the Net, but it
would be good to be able to get together with fellow locals from time
to time.

     If you're within an hour or so of Penticton (roughly from Kelowna
to Oroville, WA), E-mail me and perhaps we can get a local group going
or at least swap war stories from time to time.

     I have been unable to find any formal VFP user group activity
around Penticton.  If you know of any, please E-mail me.


Gene Wirchenko

C Pronunciation Guide:
     y=x++;     "wye equals ex plus plus semicolon"
     x=x++;     "ex equals ex doublecross semicolon"

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