Foxpro 2.0 Windows

Foxpro 2.0 Windows

Post by John Borche » Thu, 21 Jan 1993 02:02:14

I am currently working on a Foxpro 2.0 project and am using browse windows
to perform direct edits on database tables.  I am having problems with how
browse windows interact with my program.  I display a browse window on the
screen and some buttons below.  The user high-lights an item in the browse
window and then presses a button to perform an action on that record.

I am using the VALID clause of the button construct to call functions for
each of the buttons.  The problem?  When the button function has completed
I want the browse window to retain focus, (ie. its active).  Foxpro gives
input focus to the button when its done.  Activating the window in the
function handler does not work, (when Foxpro gets control back, it gives
to the button even if I have activated the browse window).  I have also tried
setting up an ON KEY routine that activates the browse window and stuffing
keyboard buffer.  This works about 40% of the time.

If anyone out there knows how I can accomplish this feat I would be most
interested in hearing from you.

Thanks in advance.

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