FPW 2.6 Query Page Preview with NT 4.0

FPW 2.6 Query Page Preview with NT 4.0

Post by Jackson K McAfe » Mon, 23 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I am running NT 4.0 Workstation as my OS. When I do a query in Foxpro and
wish to do a Page Preview before printing out, the print is so small that I
am unable to read it even when I zoom in. I have opened the Report and
change the font size, but it seems the font size in Page Preview is fixed. I
have had no problem with this when Win95.  Can anyone give me any clues as
to how I might be able to properly view the report in Page Preview. Thanks.

1. GPF printing FPW 2.6 on-the-fly report in NT 4.0

We have a FoxPro 2.6 program that generates a report on the fly.  That
is, instead of calling a pre-written report format, it outputs
information directly to the printer through the "?", "??", and "PICTURE"

The program works in Windows 3.1 without any problems, but causes a GPF
every single time we try to run it in NT.  In fact, this problem isn't
isolated to that program only; the same thing happens with ANY program
that outputs directly to the printer through the "?", "??", and
"PICTURE" commands.

Can anyone help with this?  Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

Joe Perez

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