Telecommute position available

Telecommute position available

Post by Frega » Fri, 08 Nov 2002 06:01:43

Well, after banging my head on this for a while, I'm finally breaking down
and outsourcing to someone.  So I have a small telecommute position
available if anyone is interested.  You would essentially be a "remote
partner" in a * opportunity for one of our clients.  See the job
description below:

We need a Great Plains Software/BTrieve Database consultant to be availabe
via phone and email.  We are a group of developers trying to get access
(preferably through ODBC or OLEDB) to BTrieve data in our client's Great
Plains application that is running under DOS and Novell Netware.  You MUST
have extensive experience in BTrieve and this type of environment.  Other
RDBMS experience would be useful but will NOT SUBSTITUE for Btrieve
experience.  If we currently had access to the data through ODBC we would
not need this position.  The client is also not able to upgrade BTrieve to
Pervasive SQL at this time.  You will need to be able to write a program or
script (or tell us how to do so) that will extract data out of BTrieve and
into a Sql Server or Access database.  You will also need to assist in
setting up the environment to work on the client's DOS machine(s): BTrieve
ODBC, OLEDB, 3rd party software, etc.

This is a part-time, telecommute position.  Sorry, but no other positions
are available at this time.  Candidates not meeting the above requirements
or who do not have Btrieve experience on their resumes will not be
considered.  Local candidates are preferred (DFW Texas area)