Network X Communications Processors

Network X Communications Processors

Post by Terri M Kou » Thu, 25 Nov 1993 06:47:16

We have a McDonnell Douglas Series 18 computer.  We are
seriously thinking of purchasing the 'Network X' box to
handle communications for us.  This box would allow us
to talk to the outside world (OSI, TCP/IP, X.25, SNA/SDLC,
etc).  The Network X family of communications processors
offers a standard X.25 communications protocol between
computers, using the Motorola 680X0 microprocessor.  

Has anyone installed the Network X in their company?
Thought of installing it?  

We know that we have to acquire SLAN boards for our Series 18
machine, in order to talk to the Network X box.  
Is anyone using these?  

Any hints, suggestions, experiences, or warnings would
be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.