Query Tool for fpw26 - see web site

Query Tool for fpw26 - see web site

Post by Mark » Tue, 29 Oct 1996 04:00:00

hi.   i have completed development of a query tool that is really neat
and very useful.  check it out at:




1. New User-Defined / Ad-hoc Query tool for fpw26 - see web site

A few months ago i was desperately searching for an ad-hoc query tool
i could implement into one of my fpw26 applications.  RQBE was out of
the question as it's not distributable in a .exe, plus it lacks many
features i needed.  My search was to no avail.

I've finished creating what i think is a very useful tool for ad-hoc
query/reporting, which can be implemented with tight controls into a
user application as well as be a powerful stand-alone tool for
analytical and development work.

Please check out a sample screen and a description of it at this url


As a personal note:  I've been programming for 16 years, mostly on
unix and pc platforms.  I've worked with the best and learned from the
best.  This query program is clean, powerful, and easy to use.  So
check it out, and let me know what you think please.


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