dividing tables amongst different users

dividing tables amongst different users

Post by Erik Hamoe » Sat, 19 Apr 1997 04:00:00

We are designing a database for the following situation. There are
several user groups each with their own data and there is data which is
central to al users. We thought it would be logical to make one central
owner/schema with the central tables and an owner/schema for each
separate user group with a copy of the user-specific tables. Oracle and
SQLServer have no problem with this. Referential integrity (for
instance) can be maintained through different owners/schemas.

Question: is this a good use of the user/schema concept or would it be
better to duplicate the tables under one owner and prefix the table
names with an owner name. Or should we maybe make a new database for
each user? Will there be a referential integrity problem if we start
using DB2 (for instance)?

greetings from Amsterdam,
Erik Hamoen.


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I thought installing a File-DSN on a common network address would
be enough, but it didn't work. And in the connection options there is
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   Thanx for answer!  Werner

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