postcode searches

postcode searches

Post by Fis » Mon, 18 May 1998 04:00:00

I wish to build a database that uses post codes as the main search
criteria. The user enters their post code plus other variables and get
a return of address which match their post and variables. The bit i am
not sure about is when a user would be living on the border of a post
code ie nw10 and w7 they search using nw10 but may miss an address in
w7, any ideas.

If can help with ideas or know a such a database that can be licensed
it would be much appreciated


Its been a pleasure

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1. Postcode lookup software?


My company uses a web based (Oracle Web App) database running on
Solaris 2.6, using Oracle

I need to implement a postcode lookup mechanism in to this to
facilitate customer entry, ie, rather than asking a customer for the
full address they ask for the postcode, and the rest of the address
(bar house number) is returned.

What I would ideally like is a piece of software than can sit on the
Solaris box and answer queries, either in the form of C or Perl, or
some third party service which responds to tcp/ip requests.  The
results need to be near instantaneous.

If anybody can point me in the right direction of such a piece of
software I would be very grateful.


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