Finger me

Finger me

Post by WONG YEN FE » Thu, 19 Jan 1995 03:22:42

Can somone finger me to some foxpro samples or ready code. Presently, I
am making aStock Inv Cont Sys. Anyone can help?

1. My Finger hurts. LinkedServer myExcel.xls

Can any one provide steps.

I'm not getting any tables.

I need steps here.

Further, myExcel file is created in TSQL, (this shouldn't affect linking and
it's working fine)

I will be creating these on the fly. I want to share data to managers who
only use Excel, and do not have MSSQL client.

I'm tired of making these reports.  I want to automate.

BUT, I'm not able to even link one.  I do not want to use anything ODBC,

Strickly OLE DB compliant connections.  MDAC 2.5

MSSQL 7.0 sp2

Win2000 Dev, Win98 (client's systems), Win(2000,98) Production.

Dev. MSExcel 2000
Production MSExcel w/Office `97



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