Need info on ADABAS by Software AG

Need info on ADABAS by Software AG

Post by mla.. » Sun, 02 Dec 1990 22:24:00

I'm evaluating a number of databases and am considering ADABAS by
Software AG.  This database would have to support a high volume of
transactions, 50+ concurrent users and 10+ gigabytes of data.  

If anyone can direct me to evaluations and/or benchmark data on this
product, I'd appreciate it.  If you have used this product, I'd like
to hear your impressions about ADABAS.

Thanks in advance.



1. Software AG ADABAS SQL Server and ODBC with Delphi

We're testing the Software AG ADABAS C SQL Server 1.3.1 on Open VMS/VAX
as a server for ADABAS ODBC 1.1.2 clients on PCs. The PCs are running
Paradox for Windows and Borland Delphi applications. We have experience
of talking to an Oracle/Rdb server on the VAX which works fine, and are
evaluating ADABAS as an alternative.

Has anyone out there used Delphi clients against an ADABAS SQL server?

Thanks - John

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