Unidata Pick ad-hoc support required (UK NHS)

Unidata Pick ad-hoc support required (UK NHS)

Post by Brian A Matthew » Thu, 27 Sep 2001 23:21:23


A client of mine is feeling a little flushed and has requested that I
look into finding some cover on those occasions when the fan gets hit
and I or a colleague are unavailable.

They want to pay a suitably qualified person an annual retainer so that
they can be contacted in an emergency.  The first point of call is
myself, then a colleague and only if neither of us can be raised would
it be the long-stop.  The chances of it occurring (the call that is) are
ultra thin but they would like the added insurance.

It does mean that you have to be familiar with Unidata or equivalent on
HP-UX and some knowledge of both ViaDuct and wIntegrate might also be
helpful.  A good knowledge of Uniquery/recall/english (delete as
appropriate) is essential.  It is highly unlikely that any programming
will be involved but you cannot discount the prospect.

The person would be expected to be located in the UK, the sites involved
are all in the south east - 95%+ of all support is carried out remotely
either over the telephone or by dial-up modem.  The application is part
of a national cancer screening service and deals with patient records,
procedures and test results, production of documentation and
communicating results to health authorities via NHSNet.

If interested, please reply by email giving a short resume, what you
feel a suitable annual stand-by fee would be and your rates for any
subsequent calls.

Thank you
Brian A. Matthews
Software NOT bruteware


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