Microsoft ADO Data Control 6.0(SP4) (OLEDB) and Microsoft DataGrid 6.0 (SP5) (OLEDB)

Microsoft ADO Data Control 6.0(SP4) (OLEDB) and Microsoft DataGrid 6.0 (SP5) (OLEDB)

Post by Farah Manso » Tue, 17 Apr 2001 19:39:55

Hi all,

I have add these two ActiveX Control in my program, Microsoft ADO Data Control 6.0(SP4) (OLEDB) and Microsoft DataGrid 6.0 (SP5) (OLEDB). I found that there is a recordset class refer to that control. But it doesnt include the data variables. So how can I use the data which I retrieve from the DataGrid Control.

Thanks in advance.


Note: I'm using VC++ 6.0.


1. ADO Data Control 6.0 (SP3) (OLEDB) & Win95

My app. works great as long as I have Visual Studio installed on a
machine and try to run my app but when I install it to another machine
or a fresh install on Win95 I first get a ActiveX component can't be
created.  Then I installed IE 4.0 SP1 to see if that would help.  I then
run my app and get the following error:

430 Class does not support Automation or does not support expected

The first form of my app is mdiForm that connect to the database using
the following statement:

Public Function ConnectToDB(strDBName As String)
     '----- Make the connection object and connect -----'
     Set objDBConnection = New clsConnectDB  '-- Contains the currently
opened database

     objDBConnection.DBConnect strDBName     '-- Goto clsConnectDB and
connect to the database
End Function

Public Function DBConnect(strDBName As String)

     '--- Connect to the Database

     Set ConnectDB = New ADODB.Connection
     ConnectDB.ConnectionString =
"Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.3.51;Data Source=" & App.Path & "\" &
End Function



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