ODBC errors with XP, Office XP

ODBC errors with XP, Office XP

Post by jhal » Wed, 21 Aug 2002 13:10:38

When I open the ODBC Administrator I don't have any data
sources.  I can't add them either.  I have tried to re-
install the drivers and Office XP.  When I re-install
Office XP, it continues to give me ODBC errors.  The
error says "ODBC source not found in registry".

I have tried to use a solution from the website, but none
have worked.  I've downloaded the MDAC 2.7, checked for
Windows updates, checked for Office XP updates, and even
turned to HP's website(the maker of my pc) to see if
there was a problem there.

I can view the odbcins.ini file's list of installed

Any help would be wonderful.  The answer could even be
added to their support website.

Thanks in advance.


1. Analysis Services 2000 /Windows XP / Office XP

Hi there,

can anyone help me with a definitive guide as to what combination of the
following should work correctly. My understanding is that there is a
known problem with a version of the msolap80.dll that has shipped with
some releases of MDAC 2.7 but I don't know which MDAC 2.7 releases are
or aren't OK.

Windows XP  and AS2000 sp1
Windows XP  and AS2000 sp2
Would including Office XP in the mix of the above make any difference?

Basically, I need to find a combination that is OK whether it involves
installing PTSFull from AS 2000 SP1 or SP2 or from Office 2000 or
where-ever. Also I gather there may be a release of MDAC 2.7 SP1 out

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