Need help, Transfer record with several infos in several records

Need help, Transfer record with several infos in several records

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Hy File Maker Cracks
Does anybody know, how to transfer records with several information into
individual records.
See following example:

Records I have:  

auto    |       tour
592             |       76, 93, 220             (this is one record)
593             |       22, 998, 45             (this is the next record)   and so on...

-------->   transfer into following kind of records:

auto    |       tour    
592             |       76
592             |       93
592             |       220
593             |       22
593             |       998
593             |       45

Do you have an idea     how to create a script in File Maker Pro 3.0?

Ideas, please send to

Thanks a lot for your help.


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Hello everyone

I want to do the following:

I have a table long_table

id number
txt long

The contents of de files txt can be very long (only text).
I want to break the long text up into several short record.

If it is possible I want to create a view to that does this function,
so i can use this view in a mutil-record block. (forms30)

id number
row number
txt (max 20 characters)

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the view contents must be


Does anybody know how to do this?


Guido Reulen

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