Rlock() does not unlo

Rlock() does not unlo

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JS>Excuse me to answer perhaps a little off topic : I'am a dinosaur in the Fox

Hello, here is stegosaur :))))

JS>In the older days, only the PC that has made the RLOCK() on a record could
JS>unlock it. It was dramatic when this PC crashes at death. So I do think FOX
JS>still a little guilty for your problem.

JS>Two things : Why do you reset the server ? : buy an UPS, work with an other
JS>system than windows, ....

.T.    :)

JS>Second : try to lock record as short (in time) as possible. We used to add a
JS>field in each table; when we wanted to lock a record : we locked it, write
JS>name of the station in the field and then unlock. And before locking the
JS>record, we test if the field is empty ...

JS>Hope this can help

Yes sir!
I think that the main problem is that people not use 'memory' (RAM) on
proper way. Because I started my programming life on Apple II *machines*
I learned to use memory. So, dear people, try to use (esspecially in
multiuser work) how much as possible - RAM, and only on one place
(like procedure) REPLACE field1 with m_field1
                 REPLACE field2 with m_field2...

--- PCBoard (R) v15.4/M 10 Beta
 * Origin: KrBa (1:2320/38.7)


1. Rlock() does not unlock

Here's a wierd problem I'm experiencing on a win98 peer to peer network (more a
network problem than a VFP problem).

Suppose I lock a record.  Then I reset the computer.  The record is staying
locked and the only way to unlock it is to restart the server.  There's got to
be another way.  Is there some network server parameter to set or what?  I
don't know if this happens on Novell also.  However, I'm not sure if this
problem is fully related to the network or if it's also related to the locking
scheme that VFP uses.



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