OI 10.20/6.4 Star query timeout problem

OI 10.20/6.4 Star query timeout problem

Post by Ken Walte » Tue, 17 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I have a 2.0 Star database under HP-UX 10.20. I am executing a query
in the Star database that selects * from a 6.4 installation and
inserts the result  into a table in a 2.0 installation. The problem is
that it takes Ingres so long to build the table over in the 2.0
database that the 6.4 installation times out the query before Two
Phase Commit can take place.
Is there any way to adjust how long the 6.4 installation will wait for
the commit signal from the Star query? I did not see anything in CBF
or the Star docs. I would rather not divide my 6.4 table up into
smaller pieces. Yes, the table I am inserting into is heap.
Ken Walters

Database Administration Manager
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