Cognos VB Script: problem to get all dimension & categories.

Cognos VB Script: problem to get all dimension & categories.

Post by gopher » Sat, 26 Apr 2003 10:29:17

Dear folks,
  I am new to Cognos. I am trying to retrieve all dimensions and sequent
  categories from Cognos cube using VB Macro, and then generate an XML
  formatted document for further purpose. But I meet a problem. See into
  "C:\Cognos\cer1\samples\PowerPlay\Cubes and Reports\Great
  Outdoors.mdc" as an example, it contains following hierarchy:

    ///1997 Q1
    ///1997 Q2
   ... ...
  //Relative Time
    ///Last month, each quarter GROUP
       ////Last 1 Months, Prior 3 Quarters
       ////Last 1 Months, Prior 3 Quarters

I write a nested loop, using "change" method to walk through different
levels, my route "seems" to work without time dimension.  When it walks
into "####1997/Mar" under "///1997 Q1" using VB script
change("1997/Mar"), it will return to "///1997 Q2", but later when it
walks into "*****1997/Mar", the follwing script:
doesn't enter "*****1997/Mar", but  "####1997/Mar" instead. This mean my
nested loop will be dead cycly, and never reaches  "////Last 1 Months,
Prior 3 Quarters". How to resolve this problem, or I should not use
"change" method? Then how can I retrieve the whole dimensions and

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