Need Friend to Help with Learning Access 97 Database

Need Friend to Help with Learning Access 97 Database

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My name is Delores and I am in need of assisting with learing Access 97.  I am
 looking for a computer friend online.


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It's not clear to me how an MDI would work since it then becomes possible
for multiple read/write connections to be made to a particular database. In
any case, let me point you to two books that will give you a leg up on the
CRecordSet way of doing things...

Inside Visual C++ by David J. Kruglinski. The last version of the book is
for vc 5. Sadly, he died just after he completed the revision so we won't
be seeing more from him.

The Revolutionary Guide to MFC, AKA Programming with Visual C++ by Mike
Blaszczak (How many people do you know with a single Z in their last name,
little alone 2?).

CRecordSet works most efficiently (from a UI programmer's point of view) by
treating the UI display controls in a dialogbox DDX manner. CRecordSet
provides a single row of data which is DDX'd to the CRecordView's controls.
It's up to the programmer to create the controls and establish the
connection between record set and UI control. See the student record sample
program for more info.

Hope that helps to get you pointed in the right direction.
Richard Lewis Haggard
Haggard & Associates, International

I have a photographic memory but I seem to have misplaced the film.

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